Lemon run
Using Lemon Run smile starts running down on your face.

Do you hesitate to pick up a piece of lemon from the plate before serving it to a dish of delicacy? Worry about spurting juice all over place, onto people’s face or clothes? Spoil the enjoyment for everyone around you.

Inspired by traditional Chinese platter art, by designing a pouch shaped like a ginkgo leave when squeezing from its two sides a drip of lemon juice will run down stem the stem into your dish. It’s playful yet useful device that makes a slice of lemon a decorative object on the table before and after used. Lemon Run makes your dining experience an easy and relaxed one.

Adopting the concept of Chinese platter art, Lemon Run has a shape of a ginkgo leave which represents the symbol of health and natural beauty. It reminds its user about the enjoyment of a course of delicious and healthy dish. Lemon Run solves the problem of a lemon flavored sticky finger and at the same time it offers the best place for the used lemon piece to stay. Lemon Run is a playful and practical object for your time at the dinning table.


1. Temperature resistance 80°C.
2. Do not eat or swallow.
3. For children over 6-years-old.
4. Place away from the heat / fire.
5. Not for microwave.
6. Place away from the sharp objects.
7. Gentle wash. Air-dry after wash.