Hola ola NO.1
A simple lifestyle that belongs to only you.

Don’t want to pry open a cap every time wants to use a sugar can? Let’s make the cap disappear then you never need to worry about opening a cap r where to place it.

Applying the flexibility of its material Hola ola No.1 can be easily opened by squeezing single handed. A combination with specially designed spoons for both seasoning powder and sticky sauce paste like honey or peanut butter makes it a highly functional item.

Continuing “Number” series a simple concept applies to three extended articles which decorate the surrounding elegantly yet the concept is alive with energy. It “One” line shape at closing with its natural form in combination with accessories like utility spoons wins itself this name No.1. It is one of decorative members on the dining table just like Chanel No.5 decorating your body. No.1 is here to decorate your lifestyle.


1. Temperature resistance 80°C.
2. Do not eat or swallow.
3. For children over 6-years-old.
4. Place away from the heat / fire.
5. Not for microwave.
6. Place away from the sharp objects.
7. Gentle wash. Air-dry after wash.