Tea cup

Button up a relaxing afternoon for you.

Would you like to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea? But very often the string on the other end of tea bag just couldn’t behave itself. I slips and sticks into the cup then onto your face!! It swings crazy that spoils the last bit of tranquillity in a beautiful afternoon.

Tea Code Cup has a look of a sleeve with cute button on it. You can just lace up your tea bag around the Tea Code Button then roll up you sleeves and enjoy a soothing afternoon break. The groovy design of the Tea Code Cup offers a sitting place to rest the swinging tea bag in the cup. Through this simple yet ingenious design you can always be sure of a refreshing afternoon.

Endless work curtails our ability to imagine. Demanding boss never knows to praise a hard-earned achievement. Stale housework steals the smiles from our faces. But at least we are all merrily waiting for the Tea Code Button to tie up the fleeting afternoon teatime. Tea Code Cup is not only catching the merry moment of every afternoon, but also keeping your tea bag nestling nicely in the cup.


One per Package/Single/One Inside
W115 X D105 X H145mm (Big)
W115 X D105 X H115mm (Small)

1. Do not eat or swallow.
2. For children over 6-years-old.
3. Place away from the heat / fire.
4. Fragile! Handle with care.
5. Not for microwave.
6. Gentle wash. Do not wash it with metal brush.